YCL100 - A Tribute to Mark Ashton

Created by Glenn 11th February 2021 This event has closed


This year, the Young Communist League celebrates 100 years of our past in order to inspire new struggles in the present moment and in the future. At the heart of this centenary year, we are striving to build our organisation, develop new generations of young Communist leaders and reach out and talk to far more young people than ever before. In the 1980s, our former General Secretary Mark Ashton helped to found the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), commemorated in the 2014 film Pride. Mark's life is one of extraordinary inspiration, as he has always been held in high regard as a true comrade, leader and a friend. The YCL will be holding an international seminar on modern LGBT+ Issues on the 27th February as a tribute to Mark. Amongst the guests will be members of various Communist LGBT+ youth organisations, as well as the Terrence Higgins Trust. We recognise the fight to end stigma against HIV/AIDS and educate the public about it is always important - so we kindly ask for your donations this month to aid the Red Ribbon Fund in tribute to Mark. From all of us in the Young Communist League, Thank you!