The 'Portrush Film Theatre' screening of 'Pride'

Created by Jane 26th January 2015 This event has closed


PFT is a new community cinema based at The Playhouse Portrush, Northern Ireland. Portrush was Mark's home town where many of his friends still reside. With overwhelming consensus 'Pride' was chosen as our opening film as it was felt that this would be a fitting tribute to Mark and an opportunity to raise money for the Red Ribbon Fund. It will be an emotional evening as many of Mark's friends will be in attendance. There will be a guest speaker and an opportunity to discuss the film after.


'Pride' 26/01/15

6th February 2015
Our event was a huge success and we would like to thank all those who came out and supported us! We would also like to thank Suzanne who gave us our first donation here on 'Much Loved', it was a very kind and generous gesture. All money raised is going to the Red Ribbon Fund. Thank you again everybody!